wiccan prayers

Shey, you have one too, just holler when you come on :)

spring's here tag

made this out of Jade's hurry spring kit

love doesn't hurt tag

one of the silent problems in this country. hopefully the day will come when we don't have to feel like love & hitting go hand in hand.

prayers tag

couldn't sleep so made this for a wonderful friend

chaos tag

for those days when the bipolar is just stronger then the meds that are supposed to keep it manageable.

Remembering our angels tag/QP

I made these to honor the babies so many of us have had to lose way too soon. There's 2 different styles depending on which would suit each person better. I made them 500 x 400 pixels so they can be used as siggy tags, just add your photos & done. They're made from Janarae's kit 'Blessings'.

you complete my life- autism tag offer

made this one last night when I couldn't sleep in honor of April being autism awareness month.

the munsters tag

this is one of the first 2 tags I ever did on psp, way back in 2000 when I first got the program & was trying to learn my way around it. lol. I saved it as a blank cause I wasn't sure what I'd ever do with it so adding names to it now.