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I'm back!

No posts since May? Wow! I knew it'd been a while cause of all thats been going on here but didn't realize it'd been that long. But, as yall can tell, I'm home! lol. Took over a month to get psp onto this laptop so I finally got it up & running for good this morning & to honor that occasion, I put this up that I'd made a couple weeks ago when I was testing psp to see if it was ready yet. It just fits so well how stir crazy I was going without psp to play in.

happy memorial day dad!

happy memorial day! this one's of Tony's dad, Bob from his army days.

RIP Tori Stafford

No Fear in Heaven

There are so many things in life
that we can't understand,
like why a tragedy like this
can happen in this land.

One moment life is perfect
and the next it falls apart,
leaving us with nothing
but an eternally aching heart.

Our souls cry out in agony
amidst the suffering and despair.
We feel the pain and tear our clothes
and scream "It isn't fair!".

Spirits are now shattered.
Hearts will never be the same.
We grasp at straws and seek to find
the one who is to blame.

Horrific as our life now seems,
one thing remains quite true.
Our little ones have now been freed
to do things angels do.

They can't recall the horrors
of those last days they were here.
They remember not the terror,
the hurt, nor the fear.

There is no fear in Heaven.
No more sorrow. Only Joy.
It's filled with joyous laughter
from each little girl and boy.

We can only try to imagine,
in spite of all earthly wrongs,
our little angels are learning
the words to the Angel's songs.

Amidst the children's laughter
and their Heavenly play,
there's also more important
work going on there today.

Jesus is building mansions,
never taking time to sleep,
for Reunions are being planned,
yes, even as we weep.

The children gather around Him
and listen to Him speak,
for He has all the answers
that they curiously seek.

He tells them for a time,
in Heaven, they must wait,
and then they can meet us
at Heaven's pearly gate.

© 2009, Ferna Lary Mills

Ain't easy being green tag

Dance on angel wings tag

I made this one for darling Calypso but it can be used for any little girl, not just angels.

Gaia's cauldron kit

Haven't had a chance to update in here lately, its been so busy with making new kits for the store and also the 2 tag-making groups I'm in, not to mention schooling, taking care of the kids & home, and Tony's new job. So here is my next kit, in stores now! Gaia's cauldron

Happy Mother's Day mom

RIP mom, we love you. It feels so weird that we won't be hearing your voice this year, or seeing your smile as you have fun being onry again. Even though you've been gone almost 7 months, there's still times I catch myself seeing something in a store or starting to make a graphic & thinking "gotta show this to mom"

sitting alone inside my head tag

made this one last night. Its just a bummed out weekend full of nostalgia & tears...

Summer Shinin' kit

This is my first PTU kit & its in stores now :) I'm so excited about it! (lol, in case yall can't tell). anyways, yall can find it here.

wiccan prayers

Shey, you have one too, just holler when you come on :)

spring's here tag

made this out of Jade's hurry spring kit

love doesn't hurt tag

one of the silent problems in this country. hopefully the day will come when we don't have to feel like love & hitting go hand in hand.

prayers tag

couldn't sleep so made this for a wonderful friend

chaos tag

for those days when the bipolar is just stronger then the meds that are supposed to keep it manageable.

Remembering our angels tag/QP

I made these to honor the babies so many of us have had to lose way too soon. There's 2 different styles depending on which would suit each person better. I made them 500 x 400 pixels so they can be used as siggy tags, just add your photos & done. They're made from Janarae's kit 'Blessings'.

you complete my life- autism tag offer

made this one last night when I couldn't sleep in honor of April being autism awareness month.

the munsters tag

this is one of the first 2 tags I ever did on psp, way back in 2000 when I first got the program & was trying to learn my way around it. lol. I saved it as a blank cause I wasn't sure what I'd ever do with it so adding names to it now.

summer dreamin tag

made this one tonight from one of Suzanne Richard's tubes.

Breast Cancer planner tag

made this one tonight. I know October is breast cancer awareness month but this disease doesn't wait til then to come around so I wanted to make this now, try keeping it fresher in people's minds.

Love ya Jess!

here ya go hon!

Blessed Be fairies tag

made this one today

Choices tag

made this one yesterday. I have a Darth Vader poster thats a window cling from when I was manager at Burger King that has that phrase on it, 'Your choices define your destiny, choose wisely' and the phrase has stuck in my head ever since.

Ready to ride tag

Made this one tonight

Friends are friends forever tag

Love ya sis! I made this with all but the cat from Jade's kit

Happy Birthday Gramma!

We had a birthday party for my Gramma this past weekend so I made this layout for her last night. The shadow pictures in there are all 10 of her kids as they were growing up (I think they were taken in 1969 or so but not for sure) & the one in the upper corner is all of her kids as they were couple months ago.

pink glitter QP

Made this last night from Delicious Scraps' Cherry on Ice kit.

aww, I got an award

Shey sent me an award last week but with the moving & trying to get arranged into the new house then I haven't had a chance to post or pass it on til now. Thanks sis :)

The Premio Dardos award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.The rules are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person that has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment. Remember to contact each of them to let them know they have been chosen for this award. I Chose to pass this award on to 6 very talented people...

Mustang Rider

Cowboy memorial for Mom

Made this memorial for mom tonight from Mustang Saloon's paper. Soon as I saw the paper I knew it'd be perfect for a page for her since she loved westerns so much.

Thanks Shey!!

She was so sweet & made me a new header for here, I put it on just now & I just love how it looks. Thanks so much sis, its beautiful!


I was challenged by my sis-friend Jade. Here is the challenge: Go to your photo folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the sixth picture. Put the picture on your blog and description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged. Here is my photo:

It was sent to me by one of my best friends Bear from his home in the Alberta Rocky mountains. He took it a couple months ago on a clear winter morning & since he knows how much I miss living in the Rockies myself, he sent me this photo.

ok, the people I challenge are:







another black & white wedding page

This one's made to match the first 4.

Collab tribute kits

I am hosting this collob kit and anyone is more than welcome to join in and make anything you wish for it all proceeds will go to SheyDragonStar to help with outstanding medical bills and up coming funeral costs for the sudden loss of her mom. Here is the color chart

and you can email your portions to or myself at, any and all are welcome . I will leave it up to each designer to what they think of when they think of moms . I think of the home, the kitchen, smell of fresh baked bread when I walk in from school,... so I'm theming my kit based on that. all designs DUE on 2/24/09. Thank you so much in advance. I also wanted to thank all Jade's friends at SweetNSassy for donating their talents also. Sinful Jade is also co-hosting this tribute from her blog at Once the preview is ready, I will upload the kit to Jade's store.

Thanks again,

Nyoka Jean

for Shey

we love you girl!

any & all designers out there

Getting together a mega collab kit idea if yall can help. one of my friends, Shey from Dragonstar Productions just had her mama die this week so we're trying to get a bunch of designers together to make kits, tags, whatever that are PTU & have the proceeds go to help offset the cost of the funeral. Jade over at is joining me on this effort. Anyone that can help with designs, or even with spreading the word would be so appreciated.

Red Moon Rising kit

This is one of those random doodling, push a button & see what happens type of kits. I work on it for a few minutes, stop, go again, so on for about 2 weeks or so then decided its big enough for yall. lol. There's over 20 papers & about that many of the elements & frames.

black & white wedding pages

made these today, all 4 are made so they match but could also be used seperately. They are each 5" x 7".

Life Charlie Brown

made this for a friend of mine who loves Peanuts. The big one is 5" x 7" (1700 x 2100 pixels) & the smaller one is 714 x 2100 pixels. Here for the big one & here for the small one.

Black panda QP

made this for a friend of mine's grandson Dae Hon. I made this one so the QP is 5" x 7" so she (or anyone else) can frame it with a photo in the middle.

beautiful love QP

Made this from Juicy Scrap's Valentine kit. its 600 x 600 pixels.

Valentine's Day blog train!!

This is my first time of making a kit completely on my own and my first time in a blog train but I'm so excited! lol, I was waiting eagerly for today so I could post it for yall to have fun collecting all the kits. its now 20 minutes after midnight so this counts.... lol. Its become an incredible train with so many wonderful designs, I'm sure my computer is screaming at me by now but its so much fun!

Here's the other stops along the rail: <~~ (Train Station) (yall're here now)

One day only sale on PTU kits!

One of my dear friends, Jade, is having a one day only sale at her store for next Saturday so I made this for her to advertise. For that day only, all her PTU kits are completely free to help spread the word about her adorable kits.

Rubies & Gold QP

It was recently pointed out to me that I didn't give credit for the talented designers who made the pieces I used for making this QP. I hadn't thought about it simply cause I used several different kits' pieces on here. But since I never have claimed to make these actual pieces, only to put them together into the QP, I'm editing the post to give credit as best as I can. The red jar is from Missie Cook at, the scroll I really can't remember where I got it from since I've had it for a while now but if anyone can kindly tell me if they've seen it, I'll gladly mention it on here. Several of the other elements are from Irene at

CELTS/DRUIDS/PRIEST/WITCHES weekly sale days graphic

For those of yall that normally follow my blog for the scrapkit stuff, ignore this one. lol. For those of yall in the group on facebook, this one is the jpg version.

CELTS/DRUIDS/PRIEST/WITCHES weekly sale days graphic

For those of yall that normally follow my blog for the scrapkit stuff, ignore this one. lol. For those of yall in the group on facebook, this one is the bmp version. The next post will be the jpg version. I can save it as another if needed, just holler :) I made this one at 800 pixels wide x 600 pixels high.

Waiting on love QP

Made this from the kit 'Captain of her heart' by Sabre.

Rose skull QP

Made this out of a kit called 'bad ass' found here.