The sudden drop in temperature inspired me...

The weather turning colder inspired me to make this one out of elements from various other kits.

Christmas Roses

wasted time

Ashley's hello kitty frame

Love ya girl!

In Dae Hon's memory

I made this today while I was thinking of Dae Hon. His gramma Cheryl is a friend of mine on a scrapping group we're both in. He died a few months back unfortunately, here's his caring bridge site: Dae Hon I also am enclosing the blank QP if anyone wants it, its at a 640 x 480 pixels so perfect for a desktop.

Tribute to my gramma

I made this tribute for my gramma. She's always been one of my mentors, I've always wanted to be like her when I was growing up. She raised my dad & his 9 siblings while my grampa was a career army man and in World War II. She was an RN & worked in a mental health asylum for almost 30 years, worked in one of the local hospitals for several years, and still managed to take care of all 10 kids and assorted grandkids as they came along.
The template is one from Dawn, I also used one of her kits from the flower series she made for the background & for the flowers in the corner.

Spirit winds

Not doing requests for this one, it was one that just came to me as I was thinking on one of my best friends and sending prayers that he was doing ok. I love ya Bear, see you soon!

always & forever yours

what a day

Well, now that I'm not drugged up I can actually tell about me past 2 days... lol. Wednesday afternoon I took a nap & got up about 3:30. didn't go to sleep again til last night about 10:30pm. I got up from the nap, took care of the kids like normal, put them to bed, worked for a bit on the computer & was fittin to head to bed. when I got up from the chair, my foot was asleep and I wasn't thinking to watch exactly how I set my asleep foot down. I ended up putting it down the wrong way so it curled under and I didn't notice it in time so I put my entire body weight on my foot as it was upside down. I heard couple of cracks though & felt that sharp pain, kinda like when I broke my arm couple years ago. My first thought was more of "I did not just hear what I heard..." lol. sure enough, within couple minutes it was swelling up, red, hot, painful as all get out so I went up to the hospital (2am or so by this point). They did the xrays & I broke 2 of the smaller bones on top of my foot. Not a whole lot they can do for them since it was simple breaks so they gave me one of those shoe things that braces your foot. by the time I got home it was after 4 & I get up at 5:30 for school so there was no point to me laying down so I played with making graphics for a few minutes then started getting ready. I got a cane to use at school tomorrow cause trying to use crutches would of been awkward with my school bag. Got home, took a Loritab for the pain (knocked the pain out but contrary to my brother in law's prediction, didn't knock me out), took care of kids best I could & put them to bed. I didn't go to sleep though til about 10:30 or so after being up for 31 hours. I still got up by 7 this morning to get the kids ready for school somehow.... lol. no time for a nap today either though.

Green butterfly QP

One of my good friends from school, Brandy, loves butterflies and green so I made this one day while thinking of her, and how hard she works to support her family while going through medical school. I know its not an easy job since I'm doing it myself, so I fully support anyone else willing to work harder to better themselves and their family's life.

Do you too?

On April 14, 2008 I wrote this while thinking of all my babies that've died before me, of all the friends I have who've lost babies, and all those other grieving parents. I submitted it in a contest to and was told that its in the process of being published so yay me! lol I write poems a lot as a way of letting my emotions out so they don't build up & overwhelm me. I don't do diaries unless we're told to in college for the writing class, so I write my poems instead. I won't often share them with people out of shyness, but every now & then I get in that "oh what the heck" mood as I did with Do You Too? and will post them just to see what happens.

Here's the poem in case you can't read it on the QP:
As you play up there in the clouds,
Do you hear our cries for you?
Running with the others,
Playing all the games kids do.
As you look down on the world,
Do you see the tears in our eyes?
Falling so heavily some days,
Like the rain falling from the skies.
As you giggle with joy,
Do you hear our hearts break?
From knowing we can't hold you yet,
And knowing how long it might take.
As you fall to sleep so sweetly,
Do you find us in your dreams?
The same as we dream of you,
Though dreams are too short it seems.
As you spread your joy up there now,
Do you know how you touched us?
Do you notice how we spread your joy,
And your memory, how we share it so much.

Hello Kitty QPs

One of my sisters, my daughter, and one of my best friends are all very much into hello kitty so she's the subject of several of my works.

some more QPs

These are just random quickpages I've made over time, I didn't make any into layouts. They were simply me playing around in psp while bored or stressed.

In loving memory of Marty, breast cancer QP

I made this in honor of those who've dealt with breast cancer, both the living & the ones who've passed. I lost a dear friend several years ago to breast cancer and still miss her dearly to this day. She taught me a lot about taking each day as it comes and always finding at least one or 2 laughs in each day, even if I do have to force the smiles from time to time. I love you Marty!

My baby, my loves QPs

I made these one day after finding this adorable footprints frame. Unfortunately, my babies aren't this old anymore as they so easily remind me but I still love using their baby pictures in my layouts. I honestly believe that these photos are around simply to save what hair I have left.... lol. On those chaotic, screaming, crying filled days, I look over at some of these photos, see how cute my kids can be when they want to, and feel my heart swell with love again.

Autism QPs

I made both these quickpages a while back, since I have several friends with autism then I tend to make a lot of QPs relating to autism, the need for a cure for it, and taking pride in all those who have it. One of my really good friends, Melissa, has a daughter with it and I take a lot of joy in watching her grow so I tend to use her as inspiration for most of the quickpages, especially the girly ones like the first one here. The second one was inspired by a friend of my cousin who has a son with it also.
I've never dealt with 4shared before, so I'm learning my way there. In the meantime, I've always loaded all my images onto either fotki or photobucket so I use those links for most of these. If at any time you try getting one & have trouble with it, just holler & I'll see what I can do about getting better with 4shared. I should probably also mention that all my work is done on 300 resolution so if you want to print it out that shouldn't be a problem. I also tend to save my stuff in either .psp or .png format for the QPs so that you can open it up, slip the photo in the opening, & voila! all done.

Honey I'm home! lol

Ok, for whatever reason, I was locked out of my old blogger account and haven't been able to get back in. So after a few months of trying, I finally gave up & created this one. This is where I'll sometimes post my ramblings about daily life, Mother Earth in general, or whatever happens to cross my mind at that point in time. I'll also post here any quickpages, layouts, or tags I make that I put up on my fotki account as tag offers.
Any of the tags I put in the lettered folders there are not offers really, I made some of them completely on my own but more often, they were made using other people's talent so I take very little if any credit for making the ones in those folders. I put them there as a way of seeing what all directions my moods have taken me but don't take any requests for them at all. The ones in my siggy offers folder however, I will take requests for happily and will fill as quickly as my day allows. If for some reason fotki has issues with the comment boxes not working like has been the case here lately, just holler at me in here & I'll still get to them. I don't make kits really, tried once but wasn't satisfied with the way it came out but the tags I make are simply for the joy of putting a smile on a friend's face, be it an old, well-known friend, or one that I haven't had the pleasures of meeting yet. It makes me feel good knowing I can help light a candle in someone's darkest of hours, and since I love playing with graphics then if that means I can send someone a pretty picture with their name on it then I feel my day's complete.