Years of love QP

Made this one tonight for my parents who recently celebrated their 34th anniversary. On the QP, I left the number itself off so that yall can fill in the apropriate number for what your doing with the page.

funky green QP

made the QP today, used a pic from halloween 2007 of one of my best friends, Erica who I met through school.

blue astral QP

made this one for a good friend of mine, Daumaris

Dark flora purple & black QP

This is my sister in law Dana & her fiance Tim from Christmas Day this year.

2 teenager QPs

these are 2 of my nieces, Samantha & Ashley. Both QPs are 600 x 600 pixels as normal.

Merry Christmas 2008 QP- blue & cream

made this few minutes ago. These are couple pics I took at my sister in law's this week.

A blessed Yule to everyone!

thats the mantle & tree at my sis in law's before all the chaos, lol. Then there's Brody posing in front of the fireplace & Tia playing with the 35mm camera she got from one of my sister in laws.

Romantic Christmas QP

I was talking to Jade earlier today and she was looking for a romantic/christmas type for a friend of hers so this is what came out of my doodling

Winnie the pooh angel garden QP

made this for a woman who's had to do something no one should ever do but far too many of us do: she had to bury her baby

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

what a week....
haven't been on in several days so didn't get a chance to update lately. ok, lets see... July 30 was mom's birthday, she turned 61. I didn't get to go see her like I wanted but I will soon. Tuesday we had awards at school, I got a 4.0 dean's list certificate for having straight A's last quarter, no A-'s so that was really good feeling. Mom just got transferred now to an acute care center in Greenwood so she's closer thankfully. Tonight I cut Brody's hair. He'd talked of a mohawk so thats what I gave him. lol.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

update of the last few days
Well, the doctors found out that mom couldn't breathe without the vent tube in cause her throat was either swelled up or something in there blocking it. They put the tube back in & she was able to breathe on her own cause the tube held her air passage open. So they put a trach in & she came through that with flying colors. Other then wanting to get out of bed now since she's sitting propped up in bed more (& giving a guilt trip & tears when you don't lower the railing) then she's doing incredible. Monday morning they're going to transfer her to a rehab/assisted living place over in Greenwood. That'll be so nice to have her out of ICU. We got special permission to take Brody & Tia in to see her the other day (Thursday) and they were thrilled with the idea. Tia gave mom a kiss on the cheek when we first got in the room but was scared to touch her otherwise. Brody was so upset by seeing her like that, poor thing was crying & hiding behind me. He was saying that the dr's cutting her throat like that was gonna make her die. I felt so bad for them so we only had them back there about 2 or 3 minutes. The kids are calmed down again now but just saying they want to wait til mom's in a regular room before seeing her again.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

back to the grindstone
its Monday morning and we're fittin to head on up to Indy for the day again. Before school though I wanted to post an update & couple pics from yesterday. We went & visited with mom for a few minutes yesterday afternoon before I took Tony back to work and he took a pic of her. She's looking so much better then from the other day.
This is the sun bursting through the bottom of the clouds after a thunderstorm finished just as we got to Cincinnati to drop him off last night:

Thursday, July 17, 2008 B

Thursday, July 17, 2008
part B for the day
I went to the hospital to see mom after I'd picked the kids up when I got out of school. Tony's been there all day so he stayed in the CCU waiting room with the kids while I went in to set with mom for a bit. As long as one of us is in there with her then they take the straps off her wrists but if no one's in the room they have to keep her wrists strapped loosely cause she keeps trying to pull out the vent & feeding tubes from her throat. She also likes to chew on them so thankfully they're made of flexible plastic :) Anyways I was setting there with her today & she was a lot more responsive then she's been before now.She kept reaching for my second hand when I'd hold her hand & then pull with both of her hands & lift her shoulders a bit off the bed like she was trying to get me to help set her up. I kinda laughed then told her if she kept it up I was gonna set down in that chair by the bed. She did it again so I set down & only held the one hand. She somehow managed to pick up the pillow along her side enough to smack me in the face with it. lmao. I just laughed about it. I'm so glad to see her being feisty & showing signs of her real self still in there.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

just another day in paradise...
Mom had her echo done on her heart this morning, results are in. She's got 2 leaky valves but the heart specialist said those are not to worry about. They're next going to look into her lungs, see whats going on, why she can't breathe on her own really yet. When I was there yesterday then they had her ventilator set at 12/minute but her total was only 15 or 16 a minute. They said they're going to try taking her off of it again but that they're working on weaning her off it a bit at a time.

School's going ok, just been real quiet lately. I'm ahead in CPU & dosage calculations so mainly just focusing on pathology & insurance classes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
well, they took her vent tube out yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) but she wasn't able to breathe well enough on her own so I drove back out to Cincinnati to go get Tony again so he could be in town to see her. We had all agreed that it'd be better in a way for Missy to sign the papers to not revent her but in the end none of us could stay with it & she told them to put it back in her. She's sedated again as of yesterday evening. I dropped off Tony at the hospital this morning after dropping off the kids at Brandy's. After I get out of school today then I'm gonna pick up the kids then head up there too. This is mom & Missy, taken July 4:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

say prayers to whichever gods yall believe in please?
They just took mom's ventilator tube out about 20 minutes ago. I'm in school right now but Missy's there, my sister in law, and I just talked to her on the phone. She said they're telling her the next 24 - 48 hrs are the most crucial. She said mom's not doing too good in a way cause she's having trouble coughing up the phlegm in her throat. I'm really nervous/scared/worried and am going up there after I get out of school. Missy & I are going to take turns sitting in the room with her so that one of us can watch her at all times.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

just another day
Well, Tony's back at work again.... I took him to Cincinnati yesterday evening, after seeing mom for a bit first. She's looking a little better, her colors improving. She's down to 55% oxygen so thats a really good thing. at first, she had been up to 100% then 80%. The ventilator is set at 18 breaths/minute for her but when we were in the room yesterday with her, she kept peaking at 25-29 breaths/min and making the machine beep at her. Wishard on Saturday had a uniform sale going on over in the cafeteria so I went in there. I found 2 pairs of the navy blue pants I have to wear for school, Dickies brand so I know they'll last longer then those tissue-paper ones they give us at school, for $15 & $16. I also got a scrub top that has the psycho bunny on it and says " reduce global warming, buy me ice cream" then got a stethescope and name badge for it. Now I won't have to worry about getting one for clinicals when the time comes. I love looking through the scrub sales like that, I thought about getting another jacket but don't need one since its hot outside & the classrooms really aren't that cold most days. I just like seeing the different patterns they have available.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

talk about a rollercoaster lately
There's been so much going on that I haven't known what direction I've been facing in some days, much less posting on here. In school, all's going well. I'm not too impressed with a couple classes, dosage calculation & basic insurance. Dosage Calc is a self paced class which means they hand you the book & say ok, here you go. I do the work on my own & take the tests when I feel I'm ready. I REALLY don't like that idea for a math class. Basic Insurance is just boring as anything. I love Ms. Mary Ann, the teacher, but its just a very boring class. We have my 2 nieces staying with us also. I've raised all 4 of my sister's kids about half the time and for the past week then the 2 girls have been staying with us while my sister & her husband are trying to get on their feet. I love the kids to death so don't mind but it does make for an interesting day at times. The main thing on my mind lately is that sometime last weekend my mom in law had a heart attack but didn't tell anyone. She was scheduled to get released from the nursing home on the 25th of this month so we think she didn't say anything cause of wanting to still get out. She'd told her friend in there, another resident, that her chest hurt a bit but thats all. Since Tuesday, she's been in the Critical Care Unit, on life support to keep her breathing since she can't do it on her own. The heart attack stopped her heart from pumping blood throughout her body so the blood backed up into her lungs, which made it so she couldn't breathe. She's slowly getting improvements, still on the ventilator, but her heartrate is almost in the normal range & her kidneys are trying to work again. Right now they can't do kidney dialysis cause her heart's too weak to survive it and they can't do a cath test on her heart to see how best to fix it cause the dye they use for that is toxic to your kidneys and hers are already too weak to survive that. So for the most part right now its a waiting game. They're keeping her sedated right now cause she still wants to try getting out of bed but she's able to recognize us when she's not sound asleep so thats a huge improvement. Here's a picture I took of her:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm on the Dean's list & for once its a good thing... lol
we had an awards day at school today, got the awards for last quarter. I already knew I had gotten an overall GPA of 3.87 but I got a certificate today, felt so good to see it in writing & know that I did that on my own. there's some days when I really wonder what I'm doing, if I'm overloading myself, if I'll really be able to keep up with the kids, house, work, school, homework, bills, marriage & myself but days like today when I see my accomplishments in black & white like that just feels so good

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008
family pictures from Dec 2007
I've uploaded the yearly family pictures from Dec 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its official!
I got my grades in the mail yesterday, passed all 3 classes with A's! I'm so happy! I knew I had A's but it still feels so good to see it in black & white

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

my random thought patterns
This blog is as good a place as any to jot down random thoughts as they pop into this overloaded mind of mine.Right now, the main thought is wishing my voice would come back. My throats not sore, just dry & I have no voice. its been like this for 2 days now, halls cough drops aren't working; allergy medicine didn't work; only temporary relief is from cold, caffeinated, fizzy drinks but I don't like drinking soda so don't like drinking them constantly :(I'm getting ready for school to start Monday morning, only 2 more days :D I'm going for medical assistant with functional spanish which means that I'll have a certificate to say I can speak the spanish I already know. It'll take about 2 years to graduate but I'm so excited, I can't wait to get started on this path in life.I lucked out & found a lady that lives right around the corner from the school that also homeschools so I can pay her what I normally would a sitter & know the kids are still getting a good quality education. I worry about if I can afford it some days but I pay her the same or a bit less for both kids then I'd pay if I used sitters cause while Brody is old enough technically for kindergarden, Tia is actually preschool age still which is expensive. If I put Brody in public school then he'd be there a half day and sitter the rest the day & Tia would be at a sitter the whole day. since I'll be at school til 2pm then I wouldn't have a way to get Brody from the school to the sitter's. Also they're both in about 1st grade levels so this wayI don't have to worry about if they are keeping up or getting bored.Tony's out on the road again, taking a load to just this side of Chicago tomorrow afternoon. He said tonight that he'll probably be in town later tomorrow evening. :)

talk about a trip back in time

I was able to get into my old blog that I had been using since Sept of last year tonight. so I'm putting all those blog posts on here now. some of its happy, some sad, all just my random thoughts, hence the name of my blog....

Black & red bear QP

I made this out of a gothic love kit I found couple days ago at Dreamland Designs. The photos are of my mama in law with her 2 kids. Its 600 x 600 & .png formatting.

water horse QP

I made this tonight while talking to one of my best friends who's very much into horses. Its 600 x 600 & in .png formatting.

Green Santa QP

I've been going through withdrawls from PSP for a few days so made this tonight. Its 600 x 600 and is in png formatting.
Its been a busy week & 1/2, had the finals for school, I passed! yay!! lol. I know I got an A in both spanish classes and in the COM class but not sure yet about pharmacology. The kids & I are all off schools until Jan. 5th so we're talking about going out on the road with Tony for a few days sometime during the 2 weeks since we haven't done that in a while.

I hate redneck, backwoods, know-it-all, hypocritical-christian public schools!

I won't be in school tomorrow though I'll try to drop off my paper for spanish. this screwed up hill jack school is trying is setting there bold face lying to me. first I found out they're putting caladryl on Brody without my permission which is illegal, and thats making him overdose cause I've been giving him benadryl at nights. I went in there this morning & went off on them about it. so now, they're trying to say the kids both have scabies when all it is is Tia was allergic to the old soap powders we were using & Brody reacted to the one I switched to. I'm using a different kind now & they're both clearing up pretty good. so now they're trying to tell me that the kids can't go to school til they get cleared by a dr. They lied again & told me that they took Brody to the health dept today & had him seen by a dr there which is BS. for one, Brody said he never went anywhere. for two, I'm the parent not them, they wouldn't be able to take him. I'm so ready to pull them out & just homeschool them again. They're having this fit just cause they're pissy that I went off on them instead of bowing down to there bullying ways. For one, with scabies, they'd of sent the kids home right away, not just keep giving them stuff for it, & for another, with scabies, within a week you see those round rings kinda like ringworm.

Merry Christmouse

I made this from Jade's lovely PTU kit, Merry Christmas, which can be found here. She's such a sweetheart & has allowed me the fun of making tags to offer from this kit so I'm having a blast with it already. I'm sure yall are going to be seeing a lot more to come in the next few days... lol.

Sisters forever LO & QP

made this tonight from another of the quilt papers I got from Dawn's quilt paper pack. The photo is of my husband's mama & her sister Joanne. Jojo died Feb. 27, 2007 and Mom just died Oct. 13, 2008. I miss them both a lot.

Mama's kitchen kit in png form

I got a request to put this into png instead of psp so here yall go :) Elements & frames here Papers & wordarts here

December 7, 1974

Today is my parents' 34th anniversary so I made this for them this morning & am putting it into a frame to give to them. Since the house is almost done being rebuilt then it'll be a great timing for them.

Scholar QP

I wanted to make something different last night so made this QP. Its more of a masculine scholarly type page or for someone finishing law school. Hope yall enjoy it as much as I did making it. This was another inspired by Dawn's quilt papers.

Pirate QP

I made this from Monti's pirate kit. not sure the blog link anymore but I just remember that was the artist's name. I know they had a lot of wonderful kits on their site though. lol.

2 dinosaur QPs

I don't remember now where I got this really cute kit, I got it several months ago & just found it again on one of my disks of kits again.

Mama's kitchen kit

I made this a last year sometime but never got around to posting it so putting it here now. I'm not much good at making kits at all, I'm so much better at just enjoying others' talents & making QPs but here yall go anyways... lol. The file is in psp formatting but if yall need it other ways just holler.

Country Kitchen eclectic QP

I made this one last night. I downloaded recently Dawn's quilt papers and have been having fun making pages inspired by them.

Christmas memories tag

I got to thinking & just reflecting over the past year since this one's going by so fast. For whatever reason I'm just not in a christmas mood in December this year so this one just came out. Its just a reflection of all the ppl that try to put a smile on since thats what they're 'supposed' to do when their insides are still crying.

Blue wedding QP

The other night my brother & his fiancee were over visiting so I asked them what colors their wedding was going to be. They said blue & white so since one of her son's was sitting next to me on the couch & wanted to watch how I make graphics, I made this to show him.

army life QP

got to thinking of all my family that wasn't at Thanksgiving cause they're overseas so made this couple nights ago.

angel memories QP

I just used my sister as the guinea pig for this one since it was her birthday yesterday. lol.

school pictures time again







Only Brody & Tia are actually my kids, the other 4 are my sister's but they're all my babies :)

random thoughts

Yesterday was my son's & my sister's birthdays (also is Ozzy Osborne's birthday too for his fans) so didn't get online much at all. After taking a round trip to Indy to take Tony to pick up his truck then we had ice cream cake at my sister & brother in law's house. We just did it the easy way & put Crystal, Brody & Tyler on the cake since Tyler's birthday is tomorrow. Its a sheet cake so there'll be plenty to have for him also. Can't believe he's turning 10 already.... wow!
Not much going on at school right now, its the 10th week so getting to be crunch time since finals are in a couple weeks. next week is almost all review in all of my classes since finals start that following Tuesday. Then on the 18th I take the last 2 finals before getting a 2 week break. yay!! lol. I'm so ready for this quarter to be over. Not looking forward to having to take a night class next quarter though, even if Brian is the teacher. I love having him as a teacher but still... night class.... YUCK! lol.

I'm so honored

I came online this evening, first time in few days that I've had the chance to really play around for a couple minutes, and found that Dawn had left me a message so I went to her blog & found that she'd passed on an award to me :) I feel so special, its my very first one so I'm very honored. I know I'm to pass it on to 5? people who I think really fit it so...

1. would have to be Melissa for being such a strong woman even when life seems to be throwing avalanches at her. She's endured more in the last year & half then anyone ever should have to but she still tries to find a smile in each day.

2. is Shey for being a great artist and such a sweet woman to be helping raise another woman's kids, I feel for you girl, mine are that close too & its such a headache some days.... lol. She's such a sweet person to, when I had trouble with my original blog & had to re-make my blog she helped me tweak it to better fit my style. She also made me that beautiful snowmen header on my blog.

3. is Jade for being another wonderfully talented artist & a great friend. She's got a knack for popping on just when I'm at a darker moment & saying the right thing to make me bust out laughing.

4. is Dori for being the type of inspiration to others that I hope to be on my best of days. She's found ways to turn adversity into ways to make herself stronger.

5. Yvette for being a sweet lady who reminds me of home. Talking to her on occasions when we're on at the same time (doesn't happen often enough with all our various kids... lol) helps so much when I get to missing Georgia too bad.

Sooooo many more of my friends come to mind of being deserving of this award also but most of them don't have websites of their own so I'll be patient... lol.

I'll be home for Christmas tag offer

made this the other night after I stumbled onto a wonderfully talented woman's site where I found this lady tube. After I switch over to the laptop, I'll post the link to her site for yall to enjoy also.