Do you too?

On April 14, 2008 I wrote this while thinking of all my babies that've died before me, of all the friends I have who've lost babies, and all those other grieving parents. I submitted it in a contest to and was told that its in the process of being published so yay me! lol I write poems a lot as a way of letting my emotions out so they don't build up & overwhelm me. I don't do diaries unless we're told to in college for the writing class, so I write my poems instead. I won't often share them with people out of shyness, but every now & then I get in that "oh what the heck" mood as I did with Do You Too? and will post them just to see what happens.

Here's the poem in case you can't read it on the QP:
As you play up there in the clouds,
Do you hear our cries for you?
Running with the others,
Playing all the games kids do.
As you look down on the world,
Do you see the tears in our eyes?
Falling so heavily some days,
Like the rain falling from the skies.
As you giggle with joy,
Do you hear our hearts break?
From knowing we can't hold you yet,
And knowing how long it might take.
As you fall to sleep so sweetly,
Do you find us in your dreams?
The same as we dream of you,
Though dreams are too short it seems.
As you spread your joy up there now,
Do you know how you touched us?
Do you notice how we spread your joy,
And your memory, how we share it so much.