what a day

Well, now that I'm not drugged up I can actually tell about me past 2 days... lol. Wednesday afternoon I took a nap & got up about 3:30. didn't go to sleep again til last night about 10:30pm. I got up from the nap, took care of the kids like normal, put them to bed, worked for a bit on the computer & was fittin to head to bed. when I got up from the chair, my foot was asleep and I wasn't thinking to watch exactly how I set my asleep foot down. I ended up putting it down the wrong way so it curled under and I didn't notice it in time so I put my entire body weight on my foot as it was upside down. I heard couple of cracks though & felt that sharp pain, kinda like when I broke my arm couple years ago. My first thought was more of "I did not just hear what I heard..." lol. sure enough, within couple minutes it was swelling up, red, hot, painful as all get out so I went up to the hospital (2am or so by this point). They did the xrays & I broke 2 of the smaller bones on top of my foot. Not a whole lot they can do for them since it was simple breaks so they gave me one of those shoe things that braces your foot. by the time I got home it was after 4 & I get up at 5:30 for school so there was no point to me laying down so I played with making graphics for a few minutes then started getting ready. I got a cane to use at school tomorrow cause trying to use crutches would of been awkward with my school bag. Got home, took a Loritab for the pain (knocked the pain out but contrary to my brother in law's prediction, didn't knock me out), took care of kids best I could & put them to bed. I didn't go to sleep though til about 10:30 or so after being up for 31 hours. I still got up by 7 this morning to get the kids ready for school somehow.... lol. no time for a nap today either though.