Honey I'm home! lol

Ok, for whatever reason, I was locked out of my old blogger account and haven't been able to get back in. So after a few months of trying, I finally gave up & created this one. This is where I'll sometimes post my ramblings about daily life, Mother Earth in general, or whatever happens to cross my mind at that point in time. I'll also post here any quickpages, layouts, or tags I make that I put up on my fotki account as tag offers.
Any of the tags I put in the lettered folders there are not offers really, I made some of them completely on my own but more often, they were made using other people's talent so I take very little if any credit for making the ones in those folders. I put them there as a way of seeing what all directions my moods have taken me but don't take any requests for them at all. The ones in my siggy offers folder however, I will take requests for happily and will fill as quickly as my day allows. If for some reason fotki has issues with the comment boxes not working like has been the case here lately, just holler at me in here & I'll still get to them. I don't make kits really, tried once but wasn't satisfied with the way it came out but the tags I make are simply for the joy of putting a smile on a friend's face, be it an old, well-known friend, or one that I haven't had the pleasures of meeting yet. It makes me feel good knowing I can help light a candle in someone's darkest of hours, and since I love playing with graphics then if that means I can send someone a pretty picture with their name on it then I feel my day's complete.