Autism QPs

I made both these quickpages a while back, since I have several friends with autism then I tend to make a lot of QPs relating to autism, the need for a cure for it, and taking pride in all those who have it. One of my really good friends, Melissa, has a daughter with it and I take a lot of joy in watching her grow so I tend to use her as inspiration for most of the quickpages, especially the girly ones like the first one here. The second one was inspired by a friend of my cousin who has a son with it also.
I've never dealt with 4shared before, so I'm learning my way there. In the meantime, I've always loaded all my images onto either fotki or photobucket so I use those links for most of these. If at any time you try getting one & have trouble with it, just holler & I'll see what I can do about getting better with 4shared. I should probably also mention that all my work is done on 300 resolution so if you want to print it out that shouldn't be a problem. I also tend to save my stuff in either .psp or .png format for the QPs so that you can open it up, slip the photo in the opening, & voila! all done.