random thoughts

Yesterday was my son's & my sister's birthdays (also is Ozzy Osborne's birthday too for his fans) so didn't get online much at all. After taking a round trip to Indy to take Tony to pick up his truck then we had ice cream cake at my sister & brother in law's house. We just did it the easy way & put Crystal, Brody & Tyler on the cake since Tyler's birthday is tomorrow. Its a sheet cake so there'll be plenty to have for him also. Can't believe he's turning 10 already.... wow!
Not much going on at school right now, its the 10th week so getting to be crunch time since finals are in a couple weeks. next week is almost all review in all of my classes since finals start that following Tuesday. Then on the 18th I take the last 2 finals before getting a 2 week break. yay!! lol. I'm so ready for this quarter to be over. Not looking forward to having to take a night class next quarter though, even if Brian is the teacher. I love having him as a teacher but still... night class.... YUCK! lol.