I hate redneck, backwoods, know-it-all, hypocritical-christian public schools!

I won't be in school tomorrow though I'll try to drop off my paper for spanish. this screwed up hill jack school is trying is setting there bold face lying to me. first I found out they're putting caladryl on Brody without my permission which is illegal, and thats making him overdose cause I've been giving him benadryl at nights. I went in there this morning & went off on them about it. so now, they're trying to say the kids both have scabies when all it is is Tia was allergic to the old soap powders we were using & Brody reacted to the one I switched to. I'm using a different kind now & they're both clearing up pretty good. so now they're trying to tell me that the kids can't go to school til they get cleared by a dr. They lied again & told me that they took Brody to the health dept today & had him seen by a dr there which is BS. for one, Brody said he never went anywhere. for two, I'm the parent not them, they wouldn't be able to take him. I'm so ready to pull them out & just homeschool them again. They're having this fit just cause they're pissy that I went off on them instead of bowing down to there bullying ways. For one, with scabies, they'd of sent the kids home right away, not just keep giving them stuff for it, & for another, with scabies, within a week you see those round rings kinda like ringworm.