I'm so honored

I came online this evening, first time in few days that I've had the chance to really play around for a couple minutes, and found that Dawn had left me a message so I went to her blog & found that she'd passed on an award to me :) I feel so special, its my very first one so I'm very honored. I know I'm to pass it on to 5? people who I think really fit it so...

1. would have to be Melissa for being such a strong woman even when life seems to be throwing avalanches at her. She's endured more in the last year & half then anyone ever should have to but she still tries to find a smile in each day.

2. is Shey for being a great artist and such a sweet woman to be helping raise another woman's kids, I feel for you girl, mine are that close too & its such a headache some days.... lol. She's such a sweet person to, when I had trouble with my original blog & had to re-make my blog she helped me tweak it to better fit my style. She also made me that beautiful snowmen header on my blog.

3. is Jade for being another wonderfully talented artist & a great friend. She's got a knack for popping on just when I'm at a darker moment & saying the right thing to make me bust out laughing.

4. is Dori for being the type of inspiration to others that I hope to be on my best of days. She's found ways to turn adversity into ways to make herself stronger.

5. Yvette for being a sweet lady who reminds me of home. Talking to her on occasions when we're on at the same time (doesn't happen often enough with all our various kids... lol) helps so much when I get to missing Georgia too bad.

Sooooo many more of my friends come to mind of being deserving of this award also but most of them don't have websites of their own so I'll be patient... lol.